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For Sale: Cart and Harness
 Harness fits both A and B sizes and has an overcheck bridle.
$200 for harness
$350 for cart
Located in Walla Walla, WA.
Contact info for it is Maria Redinger’s grandparents. Please call Bob Vance 509-529-0535 for more information.
Are you thinking of learning to drive a single or pair of miniature horses?
See if driving is your thing before you make a financial commitment! I will teach you to drive a miniature horse using my school horse and cart.
$35 per session
Contact Susan Welch at 208-887-6838. This is not a texting number; phone calls, only.

For Sale

Miniature Horse 4 Wheel Wagon,  Custom-Made with Green Upholstery

•A driver’s seat and a wider passenger seat

•Appropriate for wedding, anniversary, holiday, & birthday parties
•Kept covered & inside
•New rear tires & in excellent condition, but I am not
Removable U-shaped shaft so cart can be hauled easily
•Priced at $800.00

Contact Lee Clark at 365-9439 or



Tiny Acres portable, affordable, lightweight Mini Panels

With these panels you can build a stall within a stall. You can use these panels for home, travel, or shows.  These panels are made out of durable PVC pipe, which is lightweight. These are sturdy panels that are easy to set up and take down. They telescope into a 5′ panel which can be extended up to 10′. Four panels make a 10′ by 10′ stall. These panels have 4 rails and are 36″ tall.

8′ by 8′ stall is $275.

10′ by 10′ stall is $300.

These are compared to $600 in catalogs.

We can build to your specifications and will price according to what you want. You can see these panels at the Blackfoot show. We are donating 4 panels that will make an 8′ by 8’stall for the raffle at the Snake River Valley Mini Show in Blackfoot, ID.

Contact Kathy Merrell at 208.878.8734