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Loving Hands Equine Massage coming to you!

Recently, IDAMHC member Brenda Paladini earned her Equine Massage Certificate through Western Montana School of Massage. By working on IDAMHC members’ horses with positive results, Brenda has gained experience and is now offering massage service for Miniature Horses and regular size horses in the area. The purpose of equine massage is to increase circulation, and to alleviate sore muscles, stress, and tension; of course, equine massage should never replace veterinary care or training, and Brenda strongly suggests that you inform your vet about massage being performed on your horse. Brenda has set her prices at $60.00 for a Miniature horse and $75.00 for a regular size horse. To make an appointment for equine massage with Brenda, who lives in Kuna, ID, please call her at 406-599-2738 or email at