Idaho Miniature Horse Club General Meeting Minutes

Maria Redinger, President            Heather Jaillett, Vice President
Valerie Marshall, Secretary              Lynne Wing, Treasurer
Directors: Jane Steele, Robin Willeman, and Kelli Phillips


Minutes of May 10, 2018 at the Sunrise Café in Middleton, ID

Maria Redinger called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

Those in attendance: Maria Redinger, Valerie Marshall, Heather Jaillett, Lynne Wing, Kelli Phillips, Courtney Phillips, Niki Phillips, Ty Siegmann, Katherine Siegmann, Payton Siegmann, Crystal Siegmann, Jamie O’Leary, LeeAnn O’Leary, Pam MacFarlane, Lois Cant, Tom and Linda Hughes, Karen Mettler, Jessie Hunting, Donna Bernadelli, Jamey Robbins, Robin Willeman, Cassie Edelman, Doug and Christine Dredge. Guests: Sandra Penney.

April secretary minutes were reviewed. Lois’s last name needed to be changed from York to Cant. Other than that, the club approved them. Jamey motioned to approve April minutes, and Jessie seconded that motion.

Lynne gave the treasurer’s report. April’s ending balance was $4,181.60. Receivables was $0.00, and expenses were $961.25 to ePromo Promotion Production for club logo attire. Cash on hand is still $50.00, which is in the hands of Valerie Marshall. This leaves the May checking account balance at $3,270.35. Heather motioned to accept the treasurer’s report, and Kelli seconded.


Points Committee: Now that more events are happening, everybody was reminded to get declarations in if they still needed to so that points could be accounted for! If anybody ever has any questions, contact Valerie Marshall, Heather Jaillett, Felicia Humpherys, or Lois Cant.

Show Committee: The class list is being revamped! The order of some classes is changing, some classes have been removed, others added, and it’s a Luau theme! Don’t forget there will be a silent auction, and anything being donated needs to go to Kelli Phillips. A board(s) full of gift cards was mentioned for a possible item as well if any club members want to help donate for that. Our show is September 15th at Birts Arena in Nampa, ID.

Horse Expo: The demonstration the club put on was a success and got a lot of positive feedback. The location of our booth was better, and everybody had a great time. Big thanks to Jamey and Donna for all that they did to make this happen!

Club Swag: Everything has been ordered and should be shipped and delivered in the next coming week!! Remember, you must pay for what you ordered before you will receive it! Make checks out to the Idaho Miniature Horse Club.

Lana Grieve Clinic: Everybody loved it and we would all look forward to another one in the future! Thanks a bunch, Jessie!

WISK: Deadline is May 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mini Hoofbeats 4-H Club: Remember there will be a silent auction and raffle at the WISK show, put on by the Mini Hoofbeats. Any donations need to go to Maria Redinger. Also, Amy, LeeAnn, and Courtney competed in the Ada County Hippology Contest. Amy and Courtney’s team placed first, LeeAnn’s team placed second. Individual placings were; Courtney fourth, Amy ninth, and LeeAnn tenth. LeeAnn went on to Districts and her team took fifth, which qualifies her for State in July! Way to go girls! Pam had a bag full of good horsey stuff to donate to the Mini Hoofbeats for the auction at the WISK show in June! Thanks, Pam!

It was mentioned that a few more administrators had been added to the club’s Facebook page to keep up with more events through more people!

Reminders: **May 12th, 4-H horse show at Birts Arena, **May 19th, Ranch It Up/ISHSA horse show at Canyon County Fairgrounds, **May 20th, Idaho State POA Club Playday at Toresdahl’s Cutting Horse Arena in Caldwell, ID, **May 26th, 4-H horse show at Mt. View Stables in Caldwell, ID, **June 1st-3rd, WISK breed show in Nampa, ID at the Idaho Horse Park, **June 9th, IDAMHC Driving Playday at Birts Arena, **July 14th and 15th, Idaho State POA Club Clinic with Joanne Richey at Toresdahl’s Cutting Horse Arena in Caldwell, ID.

Play Day Committee: The Driving Play Day is on June 9th. There will be three divisions; ground driving, youth, and adult. There will be six classes for each division; Obstacle Driving, Cones Course (no cantering), Simon Says Disciplined Rail, Dressage (Level test 1), Reinsmanship (ISHSA test 2), and Fabulous Hat Pleasure Driving (Bonus if your horse wears one too!). It starts at 9:30 a.m., and remember you’re supposed to have FUN!! Bring your own food! The committee asked if the club would provide beverages for the event. Jamey motioned for the club to supply drinks, and Lynne seconded. The club voted on it, and it passed. Treasure Valley Whips has graciously let us borrow their cone sets for the Cones Course and their Dressage cones! Any equine under 46 inches is welcome, and there will be random prizes! Have FUN!

Mini Angel Wings: Lynne went to the first day of the Lana Grieve clinic and had fun! The next day she went to Boise’s Got Faith Fun Run and spent time doing what she loves. Lynne and her therapy horses go to different events and put smiles on peoples faces who are sick and going through rough times. It’s a tough job, but Lynne puts herself out there and takes her little minis out and about to put smiles on more faces! Thank you so much, Lynne!

Jessie mentioned that she wanted to start a youth version of the IDAMHC to keep the kids active and interested. There would be youth meetings and activities during the monthly meeting, just in a different room! Pam motioned to let Jessie make the youth club, Heather seconded, and the club voted on and approved of it all.

If you have any neat ideas and/or neat obstacles, share them with Pam or an admin so we can post them! Also, any cool trailer set-ups, or barns and show gear!

Cupcakes were brought to the meeting for Mother’s Day, as well as some roses. Happy Early Mother’s Days to all the Mothers out there! (Including Fur-Baby Moms!) Cupcakes were also brought to celebrate Brock’s birthday! Happy Second, little boy!

Door Prize: Jane was gone, so the club will wait until next month!

Kelli mentioned to possibly make name tags for members to wear at meetings and other club events since we keep getting more members.

The next meeting will be June 7th at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Center in Middleton, ID.

The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Heather and seconded by Jessie and everyone else at 7:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Valerie Marshall, Secretary