Idaho Miniature Horse Club General Meeting Minutes

Maria Redinger, President            Heather Bunting, Vice President
Valerie Marshall, Secretary              Donna Bernardelli, Treasurer
Directors: Robin Willeman and Jamey Robbins

Minutes of July 10th, 2020 at Middleton Place Park in Middleton, ID.

Maria brought the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.

Those in attendance: Valerie Marshall, Donna Bernardelli, Jamey Robbins, Pete and Pam MacFarlane, Felicia Humpherys, Jennifer Smith, Maria Redinger, Lisa George, Lynne Wing, Donna Gramarossa, and Heather Bunting via phone!

March secretary minutes were reviewed, as we have not been able to safely have a meeting since then. Jamey motioned to accept the minutes as they were published, and Felicia seconded it. Motion passed by the club.

Treasurer’s report: Beginning balance: $3,858.43. Payments were $80.00 in memberships, and $17.00 for a Christmas horse beanie. Expenses were $25.00 for AMHA membership, $25.00 for AMHR/ASPC membership, $150.00 for Maria Redinger and her 4-H club Mini Hoofbeats (to help with expenses that pertained to competitions), $24.52 for the VSC committee, and $475.00 for the club’s insurance through American Reliable. Outstanding checks: Check number 2073 was not used. Cash on-hand is still $50.00 with the Secretary, which brings the ending balance to $3,305.91. Felicia made a motion to accept the report, and Lynne seconded. Motion passed by the club.


-Horse Expo Committee: Since 2020 was cancelled, the booth fee will be carried over to 2021.

-Club horse Christmas hats: Maria still has some extras for $17.00 if you are interested!

-4th of July Parade in Star has been postponed to August 22nd for now.


-Audit Committee: The audit committee has not been able to meet this year as Covid19 made it difficult to make plans for a meeting. It was discussed they could possibly meet after the banquet towards the end of this year. Jamey also made a motion to do a two-year audit (2020/2021) and Pam seconded the motion. Motion passed by the club.

-Reminder! For your points to start counting for year-end awards you must send in declarations to Valerie.

-Newsletter: Please do not be shy and send Pam MacFarlane any news, information, announcements, and pictures you would like to share with the club.

-Club’s September Show: It was discussed that because of Covid19 things were changing day-by-day and members wanted to see how many people would show up at the Phantasy Phun horse show. The show bill needs some changes done to match ISHSA’s new class list and depending on how many entries we could have in mustang/pony/gaited/ranch classes if they were worth having in the show bill or not. And if we do add all those categories, would we need to think about having High Points for all those categories. Anything to do with the usual silent auction we have at the show is on hold as it is difficult to decide if it is safe enough to hold. Heather motioned to postpone the decision making about whether to have the silent auction at the show. Jamey seconded the motion and the motion passed by the club. Heather made a motion that if the Treasure Valley area does go back into Stage 2 and we cannot hold an open show the club should have a playday. Donna suggested the club could have a club show amongst ourselves, so Heather amended her motion to add that as well. Donna seconded the motion and the amendment. Motion passed by the club.

-ISHSA: Felicia brought up that ISHSA was re-evaluating how many shows/classes were needed for someone to qualify for their year-end high points. In-hand classes would still be five shows, and driving would be brought down to four shows. If there is anymore information in the future it will be brought to your attention.


The Mini Hoofbeats have had many virtual competitions this year. So far Amy, LeeAnn, and Evelyn have competed in Oral Horse Presentations at state level and they are waiting for results. Amy and LeeAnn still have some state level competitions they are waiting to compete in.


-July 31st-August 2nd IPHC 4 judge show at Nampa Ford Idaho Horse Park

-September 5th TVPHC Open horse show at Birt Arena (ISHSA sanctioned)

-September 6th IjPHC Open horse show at Birt Arena (ISHSA sanctioned)

-September 12th Who Dun It Open horse show at Birt Arena (NOT ISHSA sanctioned)

-September 19th IDMHC Open horse show at Birt Arena (ISHSA sanctioned)

-September 25th-27th ISHSA Fall Double Point at High Desert Station

Door prize was won by Lynne!

Next meeting will be August 13th and the location is TBA.

Respectfully submitted by Valerie Marshall, Secretary