Idaho Miniature Horse Club General Meeting Minutes

Maria Redinger, President                    Heather Jaillett, Vice President Valerie Marshall, Secretary              Lynne Wing, Treasurer  Directors: Jane Steele, Robin Willeman, and Kelli Phillips

Minutes of March, 15, 2018

Sunrise Cafe in Middleton, ID

March 15, 2018 at the Sunrise Café in Middleton, ID at 6:30 pm

*Maria called the meeting to order at 6:38 p.m.

*Those in attendance: Valerie Marshall, Maria Redinger, Heather Jaillett, Robin Willeman, Janet Fries, Jamey Robbins, Donna Bernadelli, Katherine Siegmann, Crystal Siegmann, Payton Siegmann, Ty Siegmann, Niki Phillips, Kelli Phillips, Courtney Phillips, Lois Cant, Lee Clark, Jane Steele, Amy Humpherys, Linda Hughes, Tom Hughes, Jamie O’Leary, LeeAnn O’Leary, Cassie Edelman, Jesse Clausing, Felicia Humpherys, Jessie Hunting, Lynne Wing, Karen Mettler, and Shane Mettler.

*February minutes were reviewed and approved by the club. Heather motioned to approve, and Lynne seconded.

*Lynne gave the treasurer’s report. February’s ending balance was $4,480.90. Receivables was in the amount of $20.00 for membership dues and there were no expenses. Cash on hand is still $50.00, which is in the hands of the club secretary, Valerie Marshall. The overall ending balance for March is $4,500.90. Felicia made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Robin seconded.

Old Business

Points Committee: Forms are now online, it was decided to have a “know how to” clinic about filling out the forms on March 31st at 1 pm at Kelli Phillips house. This is also when declaration for all awards are due.

Arena potentials: Not anymore news.

Horse Expo: Jamey reported that the board has let the Mini Club have a part of the opening on Friday night, approximately around 6:30-7 pm for 15 minutes and could possibly give us time on Saturday for 5 minutes. A schedule for people and horses at the booth has not yet been set up, but if you have any questions or want a spot, contact Jamey Robbins. Thursday night they will be setting everything up between 4-6 pm, help is always appreciated!

Club Swag: Kelli passed around paper for anymore possible orders, and it was discussed how the ordering process would proceed. Donna made a motion to have the club prepay for the swag and then those who ordered would pay back the club. Jamey seconded the motion and the club voted on the motion, passing it.

WISK: The club has sponsored two awards for the Western Idaho Summer Kickoff show that will be happening in Nampa on June 1-3rd. Felicia had purchased the two harness bags and brought them to display to the club and give to Jessie Hunting whom is putting on the show. The total for both bags came to $134.30, which Felicia asked to be reimbursed for. Heather motioned to have the club pay Felicia back for the awards purchased, and Maria seconded.

New Business

Mini Hoofbeats: Courtney, the president of the 4-H club, asked the mini club if they would allow the mini hoofbeats club to sell food and do a raffle basket at our show to raise money for shirts at the Western Idaho Fair. Jamey motioned to allow the mini hoofbeats to sell food and do a raffle, Heather seconded the motion and Katherine offered to donate some tack and other things for their raffle basket.

WIF: The club had decided to sponsor awards for the Western Idaho Fair’s High Point and Reserve High Point Mini. It was decided to purchase cooler/chair backpacks for both (one with pockets, one without). Heather motioned to purchase those for the awards, Shane seconded. It was voted amongst the club and passed. Donna will get more information to Maria.

ISHSA: The mini club owes $125.00 to ISHSA for sponsoring the travel trophy again, and also $60.00 for the showing license. Heather motioned to pay both bills and Kelli seconded.

Idaho Horse Council: The club owed the horse council $50.00, Kelli motioned to pay the $50.00 and Lois seconded.

Reminders: TVPHC last schooling show is March 23rd, the WHIPS are having a beginner’s driving audit/clinic on March 24th, Lana Grieve’s clinic is coming up in May and first partial payment has been sent in. Lana’s clinic will be held at SHH stables in Meridian, parking is limited, and Lana has a friend who will also be doing a clipping clinic for $20.00 per person but will clip your horse for $75.00. Lana will also be emailing everyone participating in the clinc with videos and more information. If you want to audit the clinic you don’t need to worry about paying before hand but if you have any more questions, contact Jessie Hunting.

Dates held by the mini club: Originally the club was thinking about holding our show on June 9th, but between other clubs and events it was discussed to move the show back to September 15th and use the June 9th date as a driving clinic/driving playday. Kelli motioned to have the show September 15th and use June 9th for a driving clinic/playday. Felicia seconded the motion. It was also discussed that some people with ponies wanted to come to our clinics so as long as the equine is 46 inches and under they can come. The show committee needs to meet up ASAP to discuss details. The playday committee also needs to meet up ASAP since dates got moved up!

Other meeting locations: Somebody mentioned Yogurts in Meridian, Black Bear Inn in Boise, Shiloh Inn in Nampa, LaCosta in Emmett, and other places. People who thought of these places were asked to check into them a little bit and get more information.

Next meeting will be April 5th at 6:30 pm at the Sunrise Café in Middleton, ID.

Door Prize: The door prize went to Jane, she will bring the next one to the next meeting!

*Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Valerie Marshall, Secretary