Idaho Miniature Horse Club General Meeting Minutes

Maria Redinger, President            Heather Jaillett, Vice President
Valerie Marshall, Secretary              Lynne Wing, Treasurer
Directors: Jane Steele, Robin Willeman, and Kelli Phillips


Minutes of February 14th, 2019 at Mr. V’s Restaurant in Caldwell, ID.

Maria called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Those in attendance: Valerie Marshall, Maria Redinger, Robin Willeman, Jessie Hunting, Pam MacFarlane, Brenda Paladini, Donna Gramarossa, Jamey Robbins, Felicia and Amy Humpherys, Jane Steele, Lois Cant, Tess Eastman, Donna Bernardelli, Janet and Ken Fries.

January secretary minutes were reviewed. Felicia motioned to approve the minutes as published on the website, and Jessie seconded. Motion passed by the club.

Donna gave the treasurer’s report. January’s ending balance was $4,814.59. Receivables was $0.00. Expenses were $60.00 to ISHSA for our club’s membership to them. Total expenses were also $60.00. There are two outstanding checks in the total of $75.10. Cash on-hand is still $50.00 with Valerie Marshall, Secretary, and the $50.00 with Donna Bernardelli, Treasurer. January’s ending report balance is $4,854.59. Robin made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Felicia seconded. Motion passed by the club.


VSC: Donna B. had nothing to report, but the club brought it to her attention that Susan Welch and Lynne Wing could both use cards for their husbands.

Horse Expo: Jamey is working on getting in touch with the person in charge for some more details before she makes a sign-up sheet. More details will be known at the March meeting, tentatively.


WISK: Jessie announced that the AMHR portion of her show has been approved and published on many Facebook pages if you want to take a look and the AMHA portion is still under works. Ideas for awards to sponsor were bundles that include clipper blades or grooming supplies. Harness, halter, and blanket bags are also a good idea. Outside rugs was something else Jessie said show contestants would use and appreciate. It doesn’t have to be horse related if you want to sponsor something, but sponsors are greatly appreciated!

Traveling Trophy: ISHSA discontinued the traveling trophies for their versatility awards, which the club had been sponsoring one for Small Cart Driving the past few years. ISHSA split it between large and small carts this last year but it is in the possession of Valerie Marshall since she won it last (partially). She wants to give it back to the club and the Show/Points/ Awards committees will oversee making guidelines for a traveling versatility trophy within our club now.


-TVPHC Winter Schooling Show Series; March 1, 8, 15, and 22 at Birt Arena in Nampa.

-IPHC Fundraiser Show March 31st at Birt Arena in Nampa.


-Southern District Horse Bowl, March 2nd in Fruitland, ID at the Fruitland Middle School.

-Horse Oral Presentations, March 16th, in Eagle, ID at the Eagle Nazarene Church

The next meeting will be March 14th, at Mr. V’s restaurant in Caldwell, ID at 6:30 p.m.

Jamey made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:10 p.m., and it was seconded unanimously.

Respectfully submitted by Valerie Marshall, Secretary