Idaho Miniature Horse Club General Meeting Minutes

Maria Redinger, President            Heather Jaillett, Vice President
Valerie Marshall, Secretary              Lynne Wing, Treasurer
Directors: Jane Steele, Robin Willeman, and Kelli Phillips


Minutes of July 12th, 2018 at the Middleton Community Center in Middleton, ID

Maria called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.

Those in attendance: Valerie Marshall, Maria Redinger, Brock Redinger, Pam MacFarlane, Robin Willeman, Lynne Wing, Heather Jaillett, Lee Clark, Lois Cant, Felicia Humpherys, Amy Humpherys, Donna Bernadelli, Jamey Robbins, Kelli Phillips, and Courtney Phillips. Guest: Tess Eastman

June secretary minutes were reviewed. Felicia made a motion to accept them and Robin seconded the motion. Motion passed by the club.

Lynne gave the treasurer’s report. June’s ending balance was $3,220.35. Receivables was $100.00 from Heather, for cash change at the playday, and $120.00 from playday participants. Expenses were in the total amount of $1,126.83. Expenses went towards club swag, playday rental, the annual premium, meeting room fee, and the 2019 Horse Expo booth. Cash on-hand is still $50.00, in the hands of Valerie Marshall, and a check of $350.00 that is being held as a security deposit by the GMPRD. This leaves the July checking account balance at $2,363.52. The club received a $50.00 VISA gift card for taking second place in the Star Parade, that was given to Lynne by Maria at the meeting. Kelli mentioned that the company, ePromos, was supposed to be sending a check back for overcharges on the club swag, so far it has not been received. Kelli motioned to accept the report, and Felicia seconded. The club approved.


Points Committee: Any new declarations or changes? Contact Valerie, Felicia, Lois, or Heather.

SWAG: Pick it up from Kelli! Pay your dues to the club! Kelli also a few extra items, so if you’re interested, contact her.

Show Committee: Judges and gate helpers are still in the works, but the ball is rolling!

Playday Committee: The driving playday was fun, but there was a low turn out and no profit made. The club does want to have another one next year. The October In-Hand playday is next! Also, Jamey was going to look into asking the Zimmerman’s if they would be willing to hold a clinic for miniatures sometime this year or next!

Youth Committee: Jessie is working on things for the youth and hopes to have more information at the next meeting.


Felicia asked the club if Amy could continue her declarations with Elsa, since Tee had gone lame and was sold. Donna made a motion to accept the variance in award declarations, Pam seconded the motion. The club passed the motion.

Grievance account? The club decided to form a committee consisting of Donna, Lynne, and Kelli. They will meet up and make guidelines which will be presented at the next meeting.

The Star Parade was a hit! The club won second place in horse groups, receiving a $50.00 VISA gift card. It was discussed that in the future, parade participants should try to meet up for a practice or two so the club is more entertaining and involved with the crowd.

Reminders: July 14th is the Denim N Dust 4H show, July 20-22 is the Logan, Utah AMHR/ASPC/NSPPR X-Posure show, July 20th is the WIF 4H deadline, Open entries for the WIF are due August 3rd, or by the 7th if online. The Western Idaho Fair is August 17-26th, 4H showing is the 17th-20th, driving is on the 21st and 22nd, trail, showmanship, and halter are on the 24th.

LeeAnn went to state for Hippology and had lots of fun. Placings are not known yet.

Heather brought up a parade taking place in Emmett, ID on July 28th at 6:30 p.m.. She needed to find out if horses were allowed, and yes, they are. The theme is “Raising the Steaks”… If you want to participate or want more information, check your email!

Pam was wondering what the 4H club, Mini Hoofbeats, had made at the WISK show during the silent auction. Maria said it was $500.00! Thanks to all who donated and bought items!

Jamey let everybody know that the Treasure Valley Whips driving club had events and clinics planned for September 20-23rd, and October 27-28th. For more information, look on the TVW Facebook page.

Kelli forgot the door prize and said she would bring two next time!

Next meeting will be August 9th at 6:30 p.m. at the Middleton Community Center.

Jamey made a motion to adjourn, and Heather seconded. Motion passed by the club.

Respectfully submitted by Valerie Marshall, Secretary.