Idaho Miniature Horse Club General Meeting Minutes

Maria Redinger, President                    Pam MacFarlane, Vice President
Felicia Humpherys, Secretary              Lynne Wing, Treasurer
 Directors: Lois Cant, Jane Steele, Robin Willeman

Minutes of November 16, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by Maria Redinger. Meeting was held at the Sunrise Cafe in Middleton, ID.

Attendance:Felicia Humpherys, Amy Humpherys, Cassie Edelman, Jane Steele, Shane Mettler, Karen Mettler, Lynne Wing, Lee Clark, Robin Willeman, Heather Jaillett, Jamey Robbins, Donna Bernardelli, Courtney Phillips, Kelli Phillips, Lois Cant, Elyse Dredge, Christine Dredge, Maria Redinger and Brock, and Pam MacFarlane. Guest: Sonya Tilson

Heather motioned to approve the minutes as published and Lynne seconded the motion.

Treasurer's Report
Date of Treasurer's Report: 11/15/2017
October Ending Balance:   $ 4016.71
Receivables (Deposits)
     AMOUNT:         FROM:                                     FOR:
     $   487.00         Silent Auction                           ISHSA Show 9/16/17
     $      10.00        Teresa Ruth                             Membership dues
     $ 2507.00         Play Day/Fundraiser                Anita Stephan's Memorial
     $ 3004.00         Total Deposits

Expenses (Payments)
     AMOUNT:           TO:                                        FOR:
     $      29.30           First Interstate Bank             New Check Order Charge
     $      23.08           Kelli Phillips                          Sept. Silent Auction Expense
     $ 2507.00            Memorial Fund Account       Anita Stephan's Family
     $ 2559.38            Total Expenses

Cash On-Hand
     $   100.00          In possession of Lynne Wing, Treasurer

November Report Ending Balance: $4561.33

Submitted for approval by Lynne Wing, Treasurer

Felicia motioned to accept the treasure’s report as read, and Lee seconded the motion. Maria has a bill for $12.05 for envelopes and stamps for the ballots. Kelli has a bill that she forgot to bring and will bring to the next meeting. Felicia motioned to pay the bill and Lee seconded the motion.


IDAMHC Hallowed Haunting: Thank you to all who came out to help and support. The kids liked the trick or treating. People also liked the decorating of the trailers for judging. The big horse people provided big sponsorships. We had 25 miniature horses in attendance this year. One suggestion for next year is to have the driving first. Another suggestion is to be sure that participants outside can hear the announcer. Pam is going to send thank you cards to the judges for donating their time and to Al Birt for donating the use of the arena.

Harvest Festival in Eagle: Everyone enjoyed the miniatures there. Some dogs at the festival were larger than Pixie, Lee’s filly. Oakley did great and enjoyed the people. Joey had to check out everyone’s pockets and purses. Robin brought her miniature donkey. A suggestion for next year is to stagger the attendance of the Miniature Horses so the shifts are shorter, instead of staying the entire time.

New Business

Gem County Lighted Parade in Emmett, ID. Nov 25th: All horses entered in the parade must have lights on them. Albertsons has large strands of battery operated lights for $4.99. Dollar Tree has battery operated lights that are 10 strand. Holding area for the horses will be at the Main Street Beverage parking lot. Because of limited parking space, the recommendation is to get there by 4:30. At 5:15, parade officials will escort us to the beginning of the parade for judging at 5:30, and the parade starts at 6 p.m. Lynne agreed to email everyone a map with directions to the holding area.

Middleton Parade Welcome to Whoville in Middleton, ID Dec. 9th: Lineup at 3 p.m., judging is at 4 p.m., and the parade starts at 4:30 pm. Lynne contacted the Chamber of Commerce on the fee and the group was suppose to be $10 but due to not being on the form, it is $3. Line up is at the Middleton Middle School. Pam motioned to give Lynne $3 check for our entry, and Heather seconded the motion.

Birt Arena Dates for 2018: They want to make sure everyone is aware that overtime fee charges start after 8 p.m., at $20 per hour. We have the following available dates: July 7th, September 15th and October 20th. It was decided to confirm our date for September 15th and October 20th.

High Dessert: Is a new arena @ the north end of Blessenger between Middleton and Star.

Matt Zimmerman says we can do a clinic at his place.

AMHR/ASPC/AMHA Jessie Hunting Show: High Point award options have been handed out for people to review and it was discussed to table the decision until the January meeting.

T-Shirts: to order 36 we can get them at $5.09 a piece, with a 425 setup fee and $25 art fee. It was decided to ask Vicki on her opinion for the best shirt options. The shirts would be red with a white design. We decided to get price options for sweatshirts (pull over and zip up), sweat pants, polo shirts, hats, and bags.

Christmas Party: December 2nd at the Golden Dragon in Caldwell. Starts at 1pm. $15 gift exchange max. $5 for members and $10 for non members.

Lois mentioned that we should re-evaluate the point system. Lois is willing to be on the committee. Felicia also mentioned that she would be willing to help with the committee.

These are the election results, as tabulated at the meeting:
2018 Officers:
President: Maria Redinger 
Vice President: Heather Jaillett
Secretary: Valerie Marshall
Treasure: Lynne Wing
1 Year Director: Robin Willeman and Jane Steele
2 Year Director: Kelli Phillips
Christine motioned to destroy the ballots, and Jamey seconded the motion.

For the Good of the Club

Door Prize: Val forgot she won the door prize and will bring the door prize for January meeting

Next Meeting: January 18th at 6:30 p.m.

Felicia motioned to adjourn the meeting and Heather seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted by Felicia Humpherys, Secretary